Choose the Best Coffee Mug According To Your Lifestyle

There was a time when I drank coffee a lot and didn’t really care about the design of the coffee mugs. I take the first mug that pops up in front of me and pours the magic black drink as quickly as…


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The Entrepreneurial Process

The commentary of the seminal article by William D. Bygrave

This piece is written by Jason Yip. Jason is an avid writer and Christian who is passionate about urban sustainability and technology. Click HERE to see more of his contents.

Bygrave mentions that the decision on whether one pursues a new enterprise is dependant on factors like “career prospects, family, friends, role models, state of economy and availability of resources.” He then goes on to mention that there is always a “triggering event” that pushes the would-be entrepreneur to take that first step out. In his article, he pinpointed career prospects as an example. In many countries, the bleakness of future career progression is the main driving factor for one to begin entrepreneurship.

However, my hometown of Singapore does not reflect this and that has birthed many new entrepreneurs despite the positive career prospects here. Since independence, there has been rapid growth in both the manufacturing and banking sectors that has created an overwhelming amount of jobs. With such good opportunities available there is no need for one to step out of their comfort zone. Ironically, it is this rapid growth that has attracted entrepreneurs from…

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