Where can unemployed people get cash loans?

Where would someone get a small cash loan if they have no job but still have an income (Government assistance, for example)? ANSWER: For personal finance I suggest that you try this web page where…


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How Successful Will the 8 Rookie QBs Be?

I have had a growing interest in the standardized testing that the NFL mandates for prospective employees, the Wonderlic Personnel Test. This 50 question, 12 minute test labels athletes in the league with a score that obstinately correlates with their reasoning, literacy, and problem-solving — or intelligence. I have my own qualms about the efficacy of this test indicating whether or not someone is smart. As I tune in tonight, my eyes will be like a hawk on Dewey Jarvis, former teammate of mine at Brown and now linebacker and special teams player for the Falcons. Ivy League athletes like Dewey probably score well juxtaposed to other conferences. Other categories of players are supposed to score better than others as well such as quarterbacks like Nick Foles who posted a 29 out of 50. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Harvard graduate and Tampa Bay starting quarterback, due to Famous Jameis’ suspension, blew the test out of the water with a 48. I’m particularly interested in predicting the success of the eight rookie quarterbacks that made final rosters based off of their Wonderlic score. Here they are in draft order along with their Wonderlic score:

I conducted a multi-variate regression on Wonderlic scores and Passer Rating, our training data. I almost used Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) instead of Passer Rating but it is not officially…

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