12 Writing Tips From My Favorite Comedians

Here are some tips on how to be a better storyteller from some of my favorite comedy writers.


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When I Use This Technique I Heal And Help Heal The Sick

Deeper true intentions do help heal

I practice a few rituals in the morning that help me integrate and live my BEM (Body, Mind, and Emotions) model. One such ritual is saying Affirmations. I have observed that by saying Affirmations loudly in front of the mirror, I get to see myself, hear my voice, watch my body language and feel my feelings. To me, it serves as perfect coordination of how I am physically showing up, emotionally feeling, and mentally present to what I am affirming.

I started saying affirmations several years back when I lost my job and embraced self-employment as a blessing in disguise. Saying these affirmations have tremendously helped me move through major life transformations from mother to empty nester to mother-in-law to grandmother smoothly. In the professional arena, saying affirmations have helped me be determined with grit and gratitude when expectations are not met.

In the following article, I shared how consistently saying an affirmation from Louise Hay’s book “Meditations To Heal Your Life” describing the word “Prejudice” helped me create the following thought patterns:

As I asked myself the question of how I can remotely help a person S dear to me, who is fighting cancer, I am automatically driven to open the page titled “Healing”. I invite you to read with me aloud in front of the mirror.

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