How Successful Will the 8 Rookie QBs Be?

The National Football League kicks off in a big way tonight. A marquee matchup features the past two representatives for the NFC in the Super Bowl, Atlanta Falcons at Lincoln Financial Field to face…


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Maintaining mental health and cognitive function as we age

Maintaining mental health and cognitive function is an important aspect of aging well. As we get older, it’s natural for our mental and cognitive abilities to change, but with the right strategies,

we can prevent or delay these changes and maintain a healthy and active mind.

As we age, it’s normal to experience some changes in our mental health and cognitive function. For example, it’s common to experience a slight decline in memory and processing speed as we get older.

However, more significant changes, such as the onset of dementia or other mental health issues, can be concerning and may require medical intervention.

There are several risk factors that can increase the likelihood of experiencing mental health issues and cognitive decline as we age.

These include genetics, lifestyle factors such as smoking and poor diet, and underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

There are several strategies that can help us maintain mental health and cognitive function as we age.

Staying physically active and eating a healthy diet can help to keep our minds and bodies sharp. Engaging in activities that challenge the brain, such as puzzles and games, can also help to keep our minds active and prevent cognitive decline.

Getting enough sleep and managing stress are also important for maintaining mental health and cognitive function. Sleep plays a crucial role in memory consolidation and cognitive function, and high levels of stress can lead to mental health issues…

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