Embrace Your Femininity with these 2 Remarkable Garbo Films

Every time I see a remarkable production, I wonder: can we bring back that elegance and amazing style? Can we live like that again, please? Every Fred Astaire, Greta Garbo, Katharine Hepburn, James…


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The Polarizing Phenomenon of Walking A Doberman

My pet Bandit — Warholized.

‘Ah, Beautiful,’ said the man as he approached. I flipped my hair and thanked him with attempted modesty, landing myself squarely in an embarrassing moment. ‘No,’ he corrected. ‘He’s beautiful. I’m a married man. What’s his name?’ Oh God. He was referencing Radar, the Doberman Pinscher by my side. Humiliating? Sure. But I’ll take feeling embarrassed any day over being falsely accused of harnessing a killer.

At the time, I was new to the polarizing phenomenon of walking a Doberman. Now I own my third of the breed, and it continues to baffle me how Dobermans compel strangers to react and comment — one extreme way or the other.

As I walk Bandit on Florida’s Fernandina Beach, I hear ‘stunning,’ ‘gorgeous’ and ‘well-behaved.’ That’s nice. Moments later, I receive the unsolicited remark, ‘Oh. Your dog scares me. Keep control of him.’ Huh. Not so nice. And there was this doozy a few weeks ago: ‘I had a dog killed by another dog with one bite.’ Meanwhile, the man saying this couldn’t compete for Bandit’s attention against the seagull flying by.

None of these traits are by accident. The breed was conceived for the sole intent of guard and attack dog. If Dobermans were corn, they would not be sold at Whole Foods. They are highly genetically modified.

It’s true. Dobermans arguably continue to rank among the more likely breeds to show aggression…

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