Diaries of a Coding Kid. Day 8

I learned that having a thorough and methodical code plan can actually save you a lot of time while coding. The first one invokes a function, second declares a variable that invokes a function, third…


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Choose the Best Coffee Mug According To Your Lifestyle

There was a time when I drank coffee a lot and didn’t really care about the design of the coffee mugs. I take the first mug that pops up in front of me and pours the magic black drink as quickly as possible, regardless of the design of the cup. At the time, it was more to do with quantity rather than quality, I usually consumed 7–8 cups of coffee a day.

Now that I have significantly reduced my daily coffee consumption due to health problems, I have noticed a strong desire to choose my breakfast cups carefully.

The first thing to do after waking up is to think about how to make a memorable coffee every day, at least one that I don’t have to repeat every 2 hours. So I open my cupboard and choose a cup of coffee that best reflects my waking state or my expectations for the day.

Sometimes I choose a mug with a motivational quote, sometimes it’s a special design that catches my attention. It is the same with tea. Tea is becoming more and more enjoyable than the need for hydration and therefore the attention to detail of the moment.

If you’re like me and coffee time is your special time of day, whether you drink it with a loved one or alone, how to choose the best coffee mug for the day is a serious matter. Finding a cup that you love and that you enjoy drinking takes time and energy.

Here are some tips that suit your lifestyle

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