When I Use This Technique I Heal And Help Heal The Sick

I practice a few rituals in the morning that help me integrate and live my BEM (Body, Mind, and Emotions) model. One such ritual is saying Affirmations. I have observed that by saying Affirmations…


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Diaries of a Coding Kid. Day 8

I learned that having a thorough and methodical code plan can actually save you a lot of time while coding.

The first one invokes a function, second declares a variable that invokes a function, third creates a variable that takes person and turns it into an object.

Attributes are refering to additional information of an object. Properties are describing the characteristics of an object.

You could loop over the data with a for loop, access it with property keys, or use methods.

It is essentially the tool that key a program going until a certain condition is met.

A call stack is what tells the program to execute the given functions in the given order, and the task queue is where the functions are stored then sent to the call stack in the specified order.

In ES5 function constructors mimic inheritance and the other added class so that we no longer need to mimic it.

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